This blog is used primarily by a number of college students (listed below) at Grace Community Church in Waco, TX. The purpose is to share how the teaching of God’s Word is shaping our minds and hearts and lives. Our goal is simple: we want to discipline ourselves to seek God, study His Word, and put into writing what we are learning and what is hopefully putting us in a state of shock and awe before our beautiful Savior. We put our writings out there simply because we want to be able to encourage our brothers and sisters with God’s Word. 

Thanks for checking out the blog! 

Constantly and emphatically pointing to Jesus,

Collin Coats
Grace Community Church
College Director


Jacob Rao
Austin Green
Jarrod Mathis
Collin Coats

  1. Laura Green says:

    thanks for opening this up for others to follow.

  2. Lydia Mathis says:

    Thanks guys for your challenging words and pointing others to Jesus and the Gospel.

  3. Julie Coats says:

    Collin, this site is so awesome and as always so great to see the Gospel being proclaimed so BOLDLY! Love you,

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