Grace Community Church: This is our home church in Waco, TX and we love this church, its leaders and its people! Check out our website to learn more about us (

 Ignite is a discipleship school offered at Grace Community. Whether you live in Waco or are a member at Grace, check out what we may have to offer you!

  Pastor John Piper has been a massive influence in the shaping of Grace Community. He is a powerful preacher and is so because he is faithful to the Scriptures. I want to encourage you to frequent DesiringGod’s website, read Piper’s books, listen to his sermons, and glorify God by enjoying God forever!

R.C. Sproul is an outstanding Bible teacher that has a ministry that offers more resources than you will know what to do with. Again, frequent the website, read Sproul’s books, and encounter God in His holiness.

 There is immense pressure in our nation, and worldwide, to preach an inadequate gospel; to water the gospel down, remove essential tenants of it and simply distort it. The “Way of the Master” evangelism training is led by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron and these men are faithful evangelists that offer great training on how to share the gospel.

Every Christian should give themselves to the study of God’s Word. The ESV study Bible is an amazing tool to help you learn and live the Bible. It aligns theologically with reformation theology.


“The Reformation Study Bible”  is another great aid in Bible study.

We value reading at Grace Community Church. We know that for most people, when picking up a book, you want to know it is going to be a good one. At a typical Christian bookstore you may be able to find, for example, 30 books on prayer. The question is: Which one do you pick? The way to help narrow down your choice is by primarily looking at authors, not just titles. You want to know first who wrote the book you are about to read. The question you want to know is whether or not the author is faithful to the Bible. To help you out, we have listed some authors/preachers that we think are faithful to the Scriptures in their writing/preaching. Next to them, we have listed a book or two we recommend! 

John Piper (Desiring God, Don’t Waste Your Life)
R.C. Sproul (Holiness of God, Chosen by God)
Charles Spurgeon (Morning and Evening devotional)
Jonathan Edwards (Anything…)
Martin Luther
J.I. Packer (Knowing God)
Steve Lawson (Foundations)
David Platt (Radical)
Francis Chan (Erasing Hell)
Al Mohler
Michael Horton (Putting Amazing Back Into Grace)
Sinclair Ferguson
John Owen (The Glory of Christ)
Mark Driscoll (Doctrine, Death by Love)
Timothy Keller (The King’s Cross)
D.A. Carson (Scandalous)

For a more thorough, topic specific list, visit Desiring God’s recommended reading page

Book websites: These are great websites to buy books from:

Reformation Heritage Books


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